Rely-a-Bond Kits

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Rely-a-Bond Kits – Non Fluoride

Unsurpassed Bond Strength – Rely-a-Bond® :

Formulated with a high filled paste that combines with a unique primer to produce a bond strength to etched enamel that virtually eliminates bonding failures.

Tacking Viscosity – Rely-a-Bond® :

Paste is very tacky, which prevents bracket flotation and penetrates the finest mesh bases.

Variety of Paste Packaging – Rely-a-Bond® :

Paste is available packaged in a jar, preloaded syringe tips or 3.5g push syringed.

Extended Shelf Life – Rely-a-Bond® :

Like most Reliance adhesives, Rely-a-Bond features a unique catalyst system that does not require refrigeration.